The Truth Behind reviews

The very fact that you have come this far in trying to check the authenticity of our services, itself proves the interest that you have in making extra money from the Internet. Many of the members on are people who have the deep desire to make it big in their lives. While it is an established fact that we have many satisfied members who are happy with the kind of work they do for us and with the kind of earnings they make, it is also true that there are a few who post defamatory reviews and comments on our services.

We urge all the readers to take a closer look at such wrong reviews about us and there will be one striking truth that stands out. None of the posts would have been done by our existing members! The question is, why would a person earning from and getting paid regularly post such unwanted reviews?

What is very disturbing is the fact that reviews and rave comments are posted predominantly by people who have requested for the membership package and do not have the basic courtesy to accept the same. They are unaware of the fact that they have wasted a lot of resources by denying to accept a package that they have ordered for. Over and above this, such people are also posting feedback on the Internet about the authenticity of a company, which is simply unacceptable.

For all those reading this feedback, kindly do not post reviews about product / services / companies when you have no clue about how they operate. Please ensure that the reviews are based on experience only and not on assumptions and hear-say.